Something magical happens when you whirl through those revolving doors at Claridge's, you litterally forget about the outside world and everything becomes just that bit starrier and softer around the edges. 

Claridges is probably one of the best hotels in London, if not the world.  In a city blessed with a host of fabulous hotels, this Art Deco gem litterally outshines them all. 

Claridges started life as a single house, but was soon transformed into an art deco masterpiece favoured by royalty and the most distinguished figures of every generation. By the 1920s and 1930s, Claridge's had become a Hollywood hangout and the home of the bright young things. Everyone came - Joan Crawford, Cary Grant, Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. Its reputation as a party palace endures, Kate Moss held her 30th at the hotel. 

Claridge's remains an homage to the Roaring Twenties; yet it has managed to avoid becoming a pastiche, constantly updating the interiors to keep them relevant. It's simply a must to stay, visit and hangout. 

Spencer Tracy said: 'When I die, I don't want to go to heaven, I want to go to Claridge's.'

Claridge's, Brook Street, Mayfair, London W1. Telephone: +44 20 7629 8860,