Options in New York are not a problem. It's not just a place that embodies the American dream, it's also the Polish, Italian and Puerto Rican dream. It's the dream of the millions of migrants that made it and feed it. It's what makes it a special city and one that I love to visit. This is just a snap shot of some of the places I visited on my most recent trip, my friends in New York think I'm bonkers for walking everywhere, even walking a block is a distance for most residents. However walking New York is the only way you get to truly discover.

The Crosby Hotel New York


I love the Crosby Street Hotel. Situated in a quiet cobbled street, with individually designed rooms, the Crosby is a welcome refuge from the crazyness of Mahattan. Sister hotel The Whitby has just opened. 


New York's  Meat Packing may have turned into the city's answer to Faileraki but there's still a few good reasons to put yourself through it. Cook Shop on the edge of the district is far away enough from the main drag. The food is excellent and plentiful, you won't go hungry here. Booking is essential.

Perla Cafe is a newish Italian in the West Village. The night I went it was a buzy affair with great company, not the greatest staff but don't let that put you off, the food is good regardless.