I believe there's a place for everything and everything should be in it's place. So when I'm packing for either a holiday or business trip the same rules apply. Over the years I've collected packing ideas from airline pursers to friends who travel a lot and recently I was asked to reveal my top packing tips in Netjets Magazine. 

1. "Shoes should always go at the bottom of your case and fill the space inside the shoe with belts and accessories – it’s the perfect place as items are protected and will not move in transit. Using drawstring suede shoe bags is a must."

2. "I always pack a pair of Pyjamas, sometimes to slip into on a flight or just to feel relaxed in my hotel room."

3.  "Next time you’re picking up a replacement bottle of your favourite scent keep the tester bottles that the sales assistant gives you - great for a mid-flight revive."

4. "Tightly roll casual trousers, t -shirts, and shorts, which also minimises wrinkling - and it's the best way to keep cashmere looking its best."

5. "Tissue paper is really the best way to keep clothes in shape. Plus, it feels like you have been shopping in a fabulous boutique when you’re unpacking at the other end."

6. "Pop the shoulders of a suit jacket inside-out and then fold in half so that the lapels touch; fold again and then you are done, crease-free all the way across the globe."