The hero Prince of Wales Eye Mask was launched in 2009 and today the same eye mask is still constructed in the very same way.

alfred brown mill

We use the finest Prince of Wales wool woven in Yorkshire by Alfred Brown, a mill that has been weaving fabrics from merino wool since 1915. At Alfred Brown they have been weaving fine worsteds in Yorkshire for 100 years and for five generations they have kept the same core values. They combine the latest in weaving technology with time honoured techniques to produce some of the world’s finest cloths.


Traveling is quite taxing for even the most experienced frequent flyer and it is for this very reason that we add a pinch of English farmed lavender in to our eye masks. Not only do they block out all the distracting lights and sights that keep you awake while traveling but they will also help you relax into a good flight’s sleep. Not only do our eye masks help you get some much needed rest, unlike some other “solutions” out there, they look as good as they work.