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Otis Baterbee

  • sleep masks
  • loungewear
  • luxury travel accessories
  • luxury mens nightwear
  • luxury mens wash bags
  • luxury gift wrapping
  • made in britain
luxury womens make-up bags
luxury mens nightwear
luxury mens slippers
luxury womens nightwear
luxury womens slippers
luxury mens wash bags
Made in England

Here at Otis Batterbee we take pride in the provenance of our products. The wool we use for our Sleep Masks is woven in Yorkshire, the lavender inside is farmed in Norfolk, then the masks are lovingly constructed in our Cheshire workshop. 

Our workshop is situated in the English countryside and uses only the finest British fabrics, trims and components, all sourced locally where possible. Every stage of the production process is carried out by hand and only the finest craftsman are used to create our products. 

Otis Batterbee Made in England. 

Introducing our stylish slippers...

Trip the light fantastic with these stylish men's slippers inspired by the tradional smoking type. More than just a partner to your pyjamas and dressing gown, our slippers are perfect to slide on with loungewear. Made from British milled Prince of Wales wool these posh gentleman's slippers will have you dancing in your living room till dawn. 

Our women's slippers are just as stylish and a boyish alternative to the ballet slipper. Arriving in black velvet with a contrasting camel leopard print insole and blue navy velvet with contrasting purple leopard print insole. Strictly for in doors!